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There are a lot of reasons to let Dr. Gaw take care of your teeth. One of the most important ones is the superior comfort that Dr. Gaw’s office delivers. Dr. Gaw has invested in a number of resolutions to make his practice both cutting edge and enjoyable, including a state of the art office, the latest in dental technology, and a dedicated oral surgery room. For some procedures on the gums and teeth, Dr. Gaw actually employs laser technology that ensures a more comfortable experience than any drill can provide. The office also has three different sedation practices (nitrous oxide, oral sedation/pill, I.V.) to choose from to ensure maximum comfort if surgery or other operations prove necessary. Further, his technicians and other staff are highly trained and take pride in delivering on Dr. Gaw’s promise of great service. Dr. Gaw remains committed to making the dentist appointment experience as relaxing as possible.

General Dentistry

In our general dentistry, our goal is to provide exceptional dental care with an ever-present focus on your comfort. We do this using the finest products and latest techniques available. The area of general dentistry is broader than other dental sub specialties. As a general dentist, Dr. Gaw can provide a large range of services suitable for the entire family without excluding any given area or oral condition. Dentists like Dr. Gaw, who maintain a practice in general dentistry by continuing to educate themselves on the latest procedures, are able to treat patients with all sorts of dental issues. A 'General Dentist' is licensed to practice in all areas of dentistry.

The terms 'general dentistry' and 'family dentistry' are interchangeable because, as we treat the whole patient, we can also treat the entire family! It is a fact that Dr. Gaw is very proud of and looks forward to providing services to your whole family. We can treat every member of the family, from young children to teenagers to adults.

As general dentistry practitioner, Dr. Gaw is well trained and has been well educated. In order to obtain his licenses, Dr. Gaw has to maintain his certifications in a number of dentistry areas. General dentistry is all encompassing and, therefore, when patients visit Dr. Gaw, they are visiting a dentist with far-reaching skills. With such a vast history and knowledge base, Dr. Gaw is able to give you expert opinions that encompass several aspects of dentistry—an extremely good thing that only a dentist with experience like Dr. Gaw can provide.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Richard A. Gaw can provide patients with a wide variety of solutions in treating oral concerns of the mouth and teeth. Dr. Gaw has years of advanced training and knowledge of a number of areas of expertise ranging from dental implants to wisdom tooth removal. He can diagnose and treat oral pathologies, dental deterioration, and periodontal problems, and he can perform a wide range of oral procedures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

As a smile service, cosmetic dentistry offers the greatest solution for creating a beautiful smile. Through the use of porcelain veneers, no-drill veneers like DURAthins, and other dental solutions, a cosmetic dentist can help develop a customized action plan suitable for your oral condition. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to design the smile you have envisioned for yourself with the help of a dental artisan. Although the ADA (American Dental Association) does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a dental specialty, one can obtain affiliations and accreditation through a number of other organizations dedicated to validating cosmetic dentists. Contact our office to discuss your cosmetic desires and how we can help!

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