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About our dental practice: preventative care, cosmetic restorative techniques and much more!

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As both a cosmetic and general dentistry, we are completely committed to your dental health. As such, we maintain the highest levels of education for our staff and provide our patients with education and instruction in preventative care. Preventative care helps make your visits easier and prolongs the life of your teeth. Using the latest dental technology and restorative techniques, Dr. Gaw can identify areas where tartar has built up as well as locate additional areas of concern. We are concerned not only with the procedure or service you come in for, but also for the patient as a whole. We strive to establish long-lasting relationships with our patients and want to be the dentistry you choose for your family.

To accomplish our goals of quality dental care and improving patient health, Dr. Gaw and his staff follow all of the recommendations set forth by OSHA, the ADA, the CDC, and dentist-centric safety organizations. We maintain a bacteria free office through the use of several safety procedures to ensure your visit is as safe as possible, improving your experience at the dentist while ensuring a comfortable work environment for the staff and dental hygienists. Learn more about the standards and practices we follow by visiting these professional organizations: American Dental Association, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Tennessee Dental Association, and American Dental Hygienists' Association.

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